This is just what it says it is, Comipled Truth. But this is not to be confused with The Compilers of Truth--Lay, even though both are Truth and both are Compiled. The difference is that when an Episkopos compiles truth it is done in specific regard to the Erisian Movement; which of course, cannot be done by a layman who knows nothing about Discordianism (though he may intuitively understand much of Discordian Wisdom--which is why it is "truth" that he compiled and not just any other old thing). This is an academic distinction and gives one no authority or anything. If an Episkopos wishes, he may call himself "Compiler of Truth--Esoteric" (if he has compiled truth, that is), but usually this is not done. The Epistolary is properly a part of the Erisian Archives, but each Epistle itself is a compiled truth--so it is properly part of this section too. More on the Epistolary when we get to The Administry. Holy Works are the best examples of compiled truths. A Holy Work is a work done on, about, or in the name of Eris, and Discordianism. The Principia Discordia (which you are now reading) is a Holy Work; as is The Honest Book of Truth (the major work of Malaclypse Lord Omar) and Summa Universalia (the major work of Malaclypse--The Younger) and all of the junk that each Discordian gets in his Iniation Initiation Packet and like stuff. Most of the Episkoposes will have done some sort of a Holy Work by the time that they enter The House. see next page
The Five Apostles of Eris are: Controvite, Confusium, Krishna Argumentium, Discordeaux (Jean the Eristentialist), Eristotal, and Malaclypse (The Elder). If you wish to know more about the Five Apostles, their history and importance: read Book II of The Honest Book of Truth,. which is entitled THE G0SPEL ACCORDING TO OMAR. You will find it very enlightening (if you can find it at all). SaintsA: At the time that this is being written, there are three Saints, St. Bokonon (sainted for his profound understanding of the function of religion), St. Quixote (sainted for his divinly inspired approach to life, and St. Yossarrian (sainted as an example of what an Authentic Man is like). It is interesting to note that our Saints are fictional, not factual--but that is all right (St. Bokonon demonstrates that it certainly is all right). If you wish to know more about our Saints read (respectively): The Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut; Don Quixote C, Cervantes; and Catch 22, Joeseph Heller. As more Saints come into being, all Discordians will be notified. Like Personages: (just thought we would throw this in).
It has become a tradition of The Compilers of Truth--Esoteric to dedicate their Holy Works to She For Whom The Apple Of Discord Was Meant. Anything appropriate to the following would do "To The Pretty One", "For The Fairest", "In Honor of The Pretiest", or simply "KALLISTI".

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