Appendix Discordia

Discordian/Erisian vCalendar/iCalendar Files

  1. A list of Discordian Holydays (v2.0 - Chaos 43, 3173 aka 12/02/07: updated to fix Google Calendar problem)
    Point your Calendar Program at:
  2. A list of other Alternate Holidays (v1.0 - Chaos 43, 3172 aka 12/02/06)
    Point your Calendar Program at:

These URLs are intended to be persistant. Updates will be noted by an increment of the version number on this page, and via the Usual Channels.

Holidays have been assembled from various online resources. If something breaks, please let me know via the email address on the front page.

DrJon recommends:

Coming soon: a better index page. And possibly a html list of the holidays herein. Real Soon Now.

Disclaimer: This has been another fine product from the fœtid mind of His Wholiness the Rev.DrJon, who also done the Apocrypha Discordia These files are provided "as is", and no responsibility will be taken for anything bad which happens if you use them, although if something bad does happen we would like to hear about it. After we've finished laughing, we might try and fix the problem. Your mileage may vary. Please read instructions before washing. Your usage of these files is deemed to indicate your acceptance of all terms and conditions and your waver of any legal rights, even where guaranteed by law or your Mum. Please do not feed the haddock. Thank you.