Appendix Discordia

Cover of the 2nd Edition The Apocrypha Discordia

40 Years on, Eris Discordia Lives!

The Principia Discordia spawns a sequel... or maybe just a tragic and pathetic cash-in attempt! You be the judge....

These are the bits the Goddess Eris Discordia left out last time... discover the secrets and mysteries of Chaos, shrouded in vague hints and misdirection before now... discover the dark and gruesome facts... discover what others have said about the most important work of our times:

"Not while Iím in the toilet, man! Quit it!" - H*k*m B*y

"Please donít hurt me. Take the money." - C*md*n B*n*r*s

"Hey! Get out of my Dumpster!" - R*b*rt *nt*n W*ls*n

"Brains! More Brains!" - Gr*g H*ll & K*rry Th*rnl*y

Now itís your turn to delight in the biggest collection of Erisiana since the Principia Discordia itself, or something...

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Neither of these editions is authorized, which is as it should be. Sadly, the good Rev.DrJon gets not a penny, neither. Ah well!

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Achtung! Zwyrd the Insane has created a version translated into German, Die Apocrypha Diskordia.

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The Rev. Loveshade's Apocrypha Discordia is also available online. Mind you, all his bits were stolen for this version, anyway...

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The complete image of Eris as used on the cover of Apocrypha Discordia is also available as full-colour nude ascii art!

And care of Pope Dubious Provenance XI, we have the first post of this piece, by Mike Jittlov and entitled "Meriday in the Morning", on the rec.humor USENET group, and the second post, this time on, with a bit of the background story.

Of course, you realise what this means. The upcoming Third Edition will, sadly, have a different cover, as the image is © copyright Meriday Beth Komor and Mike Jittlov (but I bet they never thought it'd end up on the cover of Scripture!), and the Apocrypha is kopyleft a whole bunch of folk.

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