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How The West Was Lost
(Principia Discordia - The 1st Edition)


The Semi-Official Quasi-Clandestine Bavarian Illuminati/Discordian Archives

Which Is Quite Fine.

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The Apocrypha Discordia
A blagsheet-come-resource-page about the Book Wot I Done
Discordian/Erisian vCalendar/iCalendar Files
A Discordian holyday listing you can point and laugh at
Itzhak Perlman has a Posse Personal stuff which needed dumping online in a hurry at the time

Coming Soon:

Spurious Rumours about the Appendix Discordia

  1. The Appendix Discordia will contain the mythical Starbuck's Penteagram personality system
  2. The Appendix Discordia will contain the Inner Secret of the Polyfather
  3. The Appendix Discordia will convert into a really neato Origami Kallisti Apple, for use in emergencies
  4. The Appendix Discordia will be printed on Virtual Acid
  5. The Appendix Discordia will make your hair fall in.